Better Together for the Health of Animals, People and Our Planet

April 22, 2021
Better Together for the Health of Animals, People and Our Planet

We are pleased and excited to announce that the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies (CIVT) from Australia, and the Royal Animal Health University (RAHU) from the United States, have joined forces to create a new standard of excellence with the most comprehensive educational platform for all things related to integrative veterinary health.

Recognizing the increasing necessity and global demand, Dr. Barbara Fougere and Dr. Steve Marsden of CIVT, in partnership with Dr. Barbara Royal, Dr. Natasha Lilly, and Robert Kelly of RAHU have merged their shared vision and areas of professional expertise on a shared educational platform.

Plans to expand the scope of e-learning will not only maintain the standard of excellence that exists in both platforms in integrative veterinary education but will expand to include many additional enlightening topics. Our combined mission has pioneered education for the planet. We know the foundations of medicine start with a healthy environment.

Our educational focus will continue to grow and include current relevant topics in:

  • integrative veterinary care
  • evaluating nutrients and microbiome balance
  • assessing and creating therapeutic diets
  • managing the challenges of cancer and chronic diseases
  • combining supplements and pharmaceuticals for functional medicine
  • understanding regulations and operations for the pet food industry and retailers
  • regenerative agriculture and food animal health
  • sustainable business practices
  • self-care for caregivers
  • managing the health of our environment
  • and many more

Our trusted leadership from RAHU and CIVT and growing team of world-renowned experts, veterinarians, and complementary professors will strengthen the ability of our organization to recognize and address the many needs of our global health community.

Both platforms will feature improved learning management systems with an easy-to-use interface and enhanced support channels for members.

"I am thrilled to work with the College that my long-term friends and inspiring colleagues Barbara and Steve have created. Over many years, we have mutually supported and inspired each other as we developed our like-minded approach to health.

Each of us has a unique perspective, but all of us have a common goal. We know we will enhance each other’s fascination with and passion for health education."

- Dr. Barbara Royal, CEO of CIVT, Founder of RAHU, and The Royal Treatment Veterinary Center, Chicago, USA

"RAHU and Dr. Royal's team were an obvious choice when we looked to grow. I think we all recognize the earth’s challenges. The changes we are facing and the urgency to act, so CIVT and RAHU have joined forces for the power of good.

The synergies between the two Colleges are extraordinary, bringing expertise, passion, and enthusiastic teams to leverage global integrative veterinary medicine.

Veterinarians around the world are trusted family doctors. They understand the interplay of animal health, people's health, and earth health, and with insights into the environment, diet, and perspectives on optimising health they can create change in a powerful way.

So we are excited about bringing more veterinarians together, across continents, countries, and perspectives and invite you to be part of the change we need. Healthy animals, healthy people, and a healthy environment, in a sustainable way, never has this been more important and the need so great!"

- Dr. Barbara Fougere, Founder and Former CEO of CIVT and Owner of All Natural Vet Care, Russel Lea, AU

Over the upcoming months and the next year, we look forward to sharing updates and improvements for more practical, sensible, proactive, and many earth-friendly health solutions.

We welcome your comments and ideas on coursework for topics you would like us to address. Please email your input to:

We are all eager and thrilled to start this new chapter for a brighter future together.

All the Best and Happy Earth Day,

Dr. Barbara Fougere
Dr. Steve Marsden
Dr. Barbara Royal
Dr. Natasha Lilly
Robert Kelly

Better Together CIVT & RAHU