Reasons for using the
Animal Diet Formulator

Our software supports and helps to manage risks in formulating quality, complete and balanced pet food recipes - safely, efficiently and within budget.

Reasons for using the Animal Diet Formulator


ADF was created by pet experts for proactive pet owners, busy animal health professionals, and commercial pet food companies. We work collaboratively with clients and users to build products that offer practical solutions for real problems.

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Our products are designed to streamline your workflow and get you home on time. Our design and engineering teams create technology that is intuitive.

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We give you the tools and support you need to get up and running in weeks, not months, so you see a return on your investment immediately.

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My Pet Recipes


Use our software to create individual recipes for your dog or cat. Download your balanced recipes from our software. Subscribe to a monthly plan.


Use our software for veterinarians and pet nutritionists to create recipes specific to the needs and health conditions of your four-legged clients. Subscribe to a monthly plan.


Use our software to create exclusive recipes for resale. Access to additional ingredients including pre-mixes and supplements. Enjoy access to value-added consultation and support, as well as one-on-one training with our pet food formulation expert. Subscribe to a monthly plan.

We've got your back

The ADF allows you to utilize nutritional data on thousands of food ingredients to formulate balanced fresh whole-foods diets with an emphasis on using minimal supplements that meet USA (AAFCO) and European (FEDIAF) nutrient standards for life stages and activity levels for dogs and cats.

We offer support with raw as well as cooked formulations for both dogs and cats.

Animal Diet Formulator We've got your back
Dogs & Cats
Dogs & Cats
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Whole Foods Focused

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Over 50 years of professional experience formulating pet food.

Steve Brown

Steve Brown is the original creator of ADF, a nutritional researcher and the founder and formulator of the first commercially available fresh-raw pet food in the USA. Steve is the author of two of the better-selling books on canine nutrition, 'See Spot Live Longer', and 'Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet', numerous articles in pet and veterinary journals, a frequent speaker at veterinary and dog-health related conferences. Now retired, Steve's legacy continues to be a well-respected voice in the field of pet nutrition.

Dr. Barbara Royal

Dr. Barbara Royal, DVM, is the founder and owner of The Royal Treatment Veterinary Center in Chicago, past president of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (AHVMA), and of the AHVM Foundation, and a co-founder of the Royal Animal Health University (RAHU). Dr. Royal is an internationally renowned pioneer in integrative medicine and physical rehabilitation. She was the first veterinarian in the world to perform acupuncture on a zebra and has worked with wildlife, zoo animals, and pets.

Ready Made Recipes

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Ready Made Recipes

It is no secret today that eating fresh, whole, raw foods rather than processed, packaged foods has many benefits for health and can assist in the prevention of a plethora of chronic health issues including obesity and other metabolic diseases that we see all too often in the healthcare profession. Purchase one of our Homemade Pet Recipes for your pet at home or pets at a clinic to start them on the path to wildly vibrant health.

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