At Animal Diet Formulator, our mission is to make our software intuitive and accessible for everyone. We recognize that there can be a learning curve when it comes to fully leveraging our features. To support you, we host a monthly webinar led by Dr. Susan Recker. During these sessions, Dr. Recker will provide a live demonstration, showcasing how to formulate a recipe and highlighting a unique feature of ADF. Following the demo, we will hold a Q&A session to address any questions you may have about the software or our membership options.

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We are excited to have you join us and hope you find these webinars both informative and enjoyable.

Happy learning!

Webinar Series Episode 1

In this webinar, we will guide you on how to effectively kick-off and use the Animal Diet Formulation (ADF) for crafting animal diets. Additionally, in each session, the speaker will spotlight a unique feature of the ADF software that can be beneficial in optimizing your usage.