Animal Diet Formulator
for Commercial Use

Embark on a Path to Optimal Health for All the Pets you Feed

Our software program, stays up to date with USDA nutritional data, formulates to meet AAFCO and FEDIAF standards, and considers life stages from gestation/lactation to geriatric, in addition to activity levels for dogs and cats.

The Commercial version of the software features our full list of ingredients and much more for the commercial formulator.



Utilize the Animal Diet Formulator without limitation and with freedom to create as many Pet Owners, Pets, and Recipes as you like.

Create Recipe with Generic Pet

Formulate a recipe for use by multiple customers’ pets or for resale

Apply Recipe Costing

Set ingredient costs to estimate your total recipe cost


Unlimited Pet Owners
Unlimited Pets
Unlimited Recipes
2000+ Ingredients
Unlimited Custom Ingredients
Unlimited Report Templates
Annual, billed
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$299.99 per month
$2,999.00 per year
$601 Savings
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