Animal Diet Formulator
for Professional Use

Embark on a Path to Optimal Health for Animals in Need

Our software program, stays up to date with USDA nutritional data, formulates to meet AAFCO and FEDIAF standards, and considers life stages from gestation/lactation to geriatric, in addition to activity levels for dogs and cats.

During your subscription, you will receive regular updates and upgrades to maintain the most current information regarding existing ingredients and additional ingredient options and analyses as well as tips for formulating, tips for home preparing, and access to our exceptional content and blogs.

The Animal Diet Formulator - Professional is designed for Veterinarians, Veterinary Technicians and Pet Nutritionists to be used in their offices and clinics. The software features a strong set of ingredients to help promote healthy diets for animals.


Adjust the Caloric Data

Discover the needed percentage of the caloric nutrient by increasing or decreasing by percentage

Generate Estimated Ingredients

Create new Raw Ingredients by providing the preferred Proteins and Fats.

Custom Measurements

Extend your ingredients using preferred measurements such as teaspon, tablespoon, pinch, etc.


50 Pet Owners
100 Pets
250 Recipes
1000+ Ingredients
10 Report Templates Per Recipe
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