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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Animal Diet Formulator is a web-based software that allows you to formulate well-balanced recipes.

Yes. Animal Diet Formulator works on all the latest web browsers. We would recommend using Google Chrome or Safari.

AAFCO - USA Standard. FEDIAF - Europe Standard.

We recommend using Google Chrome, Firefox and/or Safari, etc.

YES. As ingredients are chosen, you can choose the ingredient in its raw form or choose an ingredient that is in cooked form. The nutrient data will likely change and the recipe may be somewhat different than a fully raw recipe.

Yes. We have a weight loss and weight gain caloric determination based on parameters of goal weight, activity, age, etc. for recipes in the ADF.

We recommend you watch the educational videos on our ADF website to get an idea of how the program works.  

Most recipes begin with the user entering the basic macronutrient ingredients they would like to include - eg. protein source, fat source and carb source.  Once these are entered into a recipe, using amounts to meet a basic overall percentage you need for your recipe, then proceed to balance using ingredients that resolve and complete your micronutrient requirements (vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, etc), and adjust for palatability, sourcing availability, cost and other factors. 

Not unless you re-check the recipe with the ADF.

If you change an ingredient in a recipe while making the food, it is best to use the ADF to see what nutrients have changed with the new ingredient meat. You may need to change the recipe to maintain balance with the new meat ingredient. It is best to know if you have created a diet deficient or in excess of a nutrient with the change.  NOTE:  All meats do not have the same nutrient profile, and new meat or even meat with different fat content can create an unbalanced recipe.  The recipe you create is balanced WITH THE INGREDIENTS AS LISTED.