Animal Diet Formulator

About the Animal Diet Formulator

Harness the benefits of fresh food

The benefits of eating whole, fresh foods rather than processed, packaged foods are well recognized in helping to prevent chronic health issues like obesity and metabolic disease. There are many studies that refer to this correlation from the National Institutes of Health, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, and many other governmental and non-governmental research groups. The same principle holds true for our pets.

Created by the “Godfather of Raw”

Steve Brown, a nutritional researcher and the founder and formulator of the first commercially available fresh-raw pet food in the United States, Steve’s Real Food, continues to be a well-respected voice in the field of pet nutrition. Additionally, he is the author of two best-selling books on canine nutrition, See Spot Live Longer and Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet, numerous articles in pet and veterinary journals, a frequent speaker at veterinary and dog-health related conferences, the developer of the Animal Diet Formulator™, and a consultant on formulating fresh meat-based diets for individuals and pet food companies.

He is passionate about helping our pets through teaching veterinarians, industry professionals, and pet parents how to formulate and feed ancestral-type, fresh meat-based diets that meet US and European nutrient standards. This software program, Animal Diet Formulator, stays up to date with USDA nutritional data, formulates to meet AAFCO and FEDIAF standards, and considers life stages from gestation/lactation to geriatric, in addition to activity levels for dogs and cats. In 2018, Steve Brown sold the Animal Diet Formulator to the Royal Animal Health University (RAHU). We have teamed up to continue to provide research and updates, and to teach about health through nutrition with the aid of this incredible software tool.

Weight loss feeding guidelines for dogs and cats

We can include details in your recipe to safely and effectively taper the amount over the recommended time to achieve desired weight loss for your pets. Did you know that by keeping your dog or cat at a healthy, lean weight, you can increase their longevity? That means more time with your beloved pets. Ask your vet to do an evaluation of your pet’s weight today or check out our friends at Pet Obesity Prevention to find out how your pet is doing in the weight department.

Up next for the Animal Diet Formulator

Have horses? Birds? We are working diligently to include many additional species for individualized recipes. And we are looking into ways to maintain and support a healthy microbiome while developing information on ingredient absorption and nutrient use, as well as better testing for nutrient deficiencies. Sign up to be the first to be informed by joining our newsletter.

Meet the ADF Team

Steve Brown
God Father of Raw
Dr. Barbara Royal
Founder and Owner of The Royal Treatment Veterinary Center
Dr. Natasha Lily
Robert Kelly
Founder and Chief Executive of Furchild
Susan Recker
Product Formulator & Veterinary Director