Tips for Adding Ingredients

Meats, Fish, and Eggs, 50-80%

Choose from chicken, turkey, duck, beef, bison, game meats, fish, and other animal meats and raw or cooked eggs.

Organs, 15-30%

We recommend you add at least 2 organs from the list such as hearts, livers and gizzards. Organs provide important nutrients that are not as available in the muscle meats. Do not add more than 15% liver to any recipe to avoid having too much vitamin A and copper.

Vegetables and Fruits, 15-20%

Vegetables and fruits provide important nutrients for dogs and cats, including minerals, vitamins, phytochemicals and various types of fibers. Select from a variety of specific vegetables and fruits or use our vegetable medleys.

Healthy Fats: Seeds (1-6%) and Oils (1%)

The dog is the fats she eats more than any other nutrient. Follow our how to balance the fats advice and produce perfectly balanced fat profiles. Using seeds rather than their oils provides a variety of minerals, including manganese, vitamins, and fibers in addition to the fats. As a general rule, 4 grams of seeds will provide 1 gram of oil. Seeds, 1-3%, if using two seeds, 6%.

Grains, Nuts & Herbs, (Optional)

Grains, 1-10%; Nuts, 1-3%; Herbs, no more than 0.3% for any one herb.

Fibers, 0.6%

No more than 0.3% per fiber. We include several varieties of fibers, including soluble, insoluble, fermentable and non-fermentable. These fibers feed various microbes in the dogs’ guts. Just as the dog is the fats she eats, the dogs’ microbes are the fibers they eat. Healthy gut microbial populations help improve the health of every aspect of the dog, from the brain, to the skin, teeth, eyes, joints and even the tongue.

Supplements, <0.5% (Optional)

To balance the recipe, you may need to include mineral or vitamin supplements. We include readily available supplements with the lowest amounts of the specific nutrient we can find. You will only need to add small amounts, often less than 1 gram, unless you are making a large amount of food. Follow the directions for how much to add. Remember, more is not necessarily better.

Meal Mixes

Meal mixes make it super easy to make balanced foods. The ADF team partnered with to provide the best quality mixes.