My Pet Recipes

My Pet Recipes

My Pet Recipes (MPR) is the world's first mobile application of its kind for pet owners and veterinarian professionals.

We've combined the knowledge of the world's leading veterinarians and pet nutrition experts with the latest technologies, which provides you with a simple, easy-to-use interface. With MPR, you can effortlessly formulate the healthiest, most complete and balanced home-made pet food recipes ever imagined!

You also have the ability to personalize recipes to meet the individual requirements of your pets and four-legged clients, while meeting the pet food nutrient standards of AAFCO and FEDIAF.

MPR takes the guesswork out of home-prepared food and provides you with total peace of mind knowing your pets are getting everything they need to live a long, healthy and vibrant life.

  • Easy-to-use mobile application
  • Steve Brown’s Typical Values
  • Accommodates one pet owner
  • Addition of up to 10 pets
  • Formulate up to 25 recipes
  • 3 sample recipes formulated by Steve Brown
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