Change Logs


  • Prompting error when removing pet parents or pets that are associated with a recipe
  • Changed the total cost to a total of cost multiplied with pounds for each ingredient


  • Sample Recipes for Individual and Professional
  • Saving the order of the ingredients for Generating Reports


  • "Save As" function - you will now be able to save the current state of the recipe

Admin Side

  • Adjustment on invoices
  • Able to upload multiple pdfs for the Ready Made Recipes

Front End Website

  • Adjust the description for each formulator versions
  • Add RAHU Foundation Page
  • Add Change Log link the top header

Member's Area

  • Adjust amount for the re-activation of Application if the user was a desktop user.
  • Add Change Logs and Support Link in the Main Menu
  • Allow to download Ready Made Recipes with multiple PDFs


  • History
    • storing each changes done in the recipe
    • list the latest 30 changes and be able to load the stored changes
  • Costing
    • be able to set cost for each ingredient
    • costing reflects on the reports
  • Create an override recipe instruction before downloading the report
  • Add Change Logs and Support Link in the Main Menu
  • Import Old Recipe bug fixes
  • Able to set negative values for Desired Percentage
  • Show message when downloading excel reports
  • Add the Histidine for the personal ingredients
  • When retrieving recipes that have invalid reproductive status upon retrieval will have unknown reproductive status value

Desired Percentage
  • Apply desired percentage to the caloric data
  • View Caloric Data in wider view
  • View FEDIAF and AFFCO information in Caloric Data page

Commercial Version
  • Able to purchase commercial version of Animal Diet Formulator Application
  • Able to upgrade commercial version
  • Change Logs page


  • Report Generation (PDF and Excel)
  • Setting the cost
  • Full Payment for the Upgrade / Disable Renewal / Enable Renewal
  • Purchase for Full Payment
Ingredient Summary
  • Main Categories
  • Ingredients Form
  • Ingredients that are forced to Miscellaneous

ADF Application v 1.9.0

Importing Bug
  • importing with generic recipe (reproductive status error)
  • Can set the Main Categories for Ingredient Summary
  • Pet Photo message adjusted to "Preferred square or horizontal photo."
  • pet weight for generic recipes
  • For Excess Nutrients has tooltip to show more values
  • Adjust button disabled to Nutrients with CA:P, EPA + DHA and omega-6/omega-3
  • Keto Toggle to enable maximums of Fats
  • When Sorting retain the ingredients even though have zero amount
  • Ingredient Summary Page, with sort and Total
  • Amount To Adjust Function bug fix
Website and Member's Area
  • (MA) Glossary adjustment
  • (MA) PDF Article Logo's updated
  • Message in in Recipe Subscription Page