Change Logs

ADF Application Update

  1. Fats are now alarming about the discrepancies for you to adjust.

  2. DM Value units have been added for each value.

ADF Application Update

  1. Sections of ingredients list when adding ingredients or adjusting the recipe. Sections are "Recipe Ingredients", "Typical Ingredients", and "Other Ingredients"
  2. Sorting of nutrient value by ascending or descending when adjusting the recipe.
  3. Showing the attribute value of each ingredient when adjusting the recipe with the corresponding unit label.
  4. Improved formulation of auto-adjusting and reducing the required weight of ingredients.
  5. New! Ability to retain(remember) the page index, query, and filters applied in the recipe list

Bug Fix and Few Adjustments

  • Precision accepted for Ingredient nutrition values adjusted from 2 to 4
  • In listing the ingredients for adjusting the amount based on nutrient, ingredients are listed as Typical Ingredients, Recipe's Ingredient (Star Icon), and other ingredients that have the nutrient value.
  • Bug Fix for adjusting ingredient amounts based on nutrients
  • Bug Fix on updating the total amount of ingredients


  • We are happy to announce that you can now use your own measurement. It could be a scoop, tablespoon, a teaspoon, or anything you may think of.
  • Measurements can be managed at the ADF App. Open in the app and in the Main Menu, you will see the Measurements menu item. 
  • Add, edit, and remove your own custom measurement. 

New Formulator Dashboards

  • To be able for us to utilize the measurements, we adjusted the current Formulator Dashboard.
  • You may now able to select the measurement that you wish for right after you provided the value.
  • With this new dashboard, we are also happy to add the DM Values for other Nutrients, not just for MacroNutrients.


  • We are also happy to share the new Estimators feature for users who are in Professional and Commercial Subscriptions.
  • Estimates the Nutrients of your ingredients based on our Estimators Sources.
  • It also allows you to save the estimated ingredients as your new personal Ingredient in which you can use in your Recipe.

Feeding Guidelines

  • Visit our new section for you to know how much feeding amount you need for your dogs and cats.
  • For Ready-Made Recipes owner, you have the option to select the Recipe that you bought and check the feeding amount you need.
  • Visit


Change Logs

  • These changes and any future changes will show up as a pop-up when accessing ADF App for you to get notified when we roll out some cool new features, blog posts, and any bug fixes.



Bug Fixes

  • Ingredient Summary showing negative values.
  • and other bug fixes.

Selenium Issue

 Please update one value of any ingredient in each of your recipes to generate the correct value for Selenium in all of your ingredients.


  • Ingredient Disclaimer added in the ingredients page
  • Convert Compare Ingredients from page to pop-up for accessible purpose

Bug Fixes

  • Fix the Menu button while on Recipe Formulation Page
  • Fix the Profile button while on Recipe Formulation Page


  • Back button in Compare Ingredients
  • Add the Copy URL or trial offer on the home page of the App

Our New Trial Version

Trial Version
Pet Owners 1 1
Pets 1 1
Recipes 1 5
Recipe Reports Not Allowed 5
Comparing Ingredients Not Allowed Allowed
View Ingredients Nutritional Data / Details Not Allowed Allowed
Price 1 USD 9.99 USD
Time Period 7 Days 10 Days


  • Convert Videos to MP4
  • Typical Filter added to ingredients
  • Immediate bug fixes

Introducing Sub-users as Add-on for Professional and Commercial Users

Free Sub-user :

  • Professional: None
  • Commercial: 1 Sub-user Account

Pricing :

  • Professional: USD 49.00
  • Commercial: USD 99.00

Maximum number of Sub-users that can be purchased :

  • Professional: 2
  • Commercial : 3

How to locate Sub-users section

  1. Sign in to your account at Members Area. Click here to login.
  2. Go to Products and Subscriptions.
  3. Click Sub-user at the left side menu.
  4. In this section, you can add or purchase, update, and remove sub-users.
  5. Note: You cannot undo when you remove sub-users.


  • Allowing users to use the application up to 5 devices
  • When using 1.9.7, if you received a message similar to this, "Your request was made with invalid credentials.". Please go to to refresh your access.


  • Added the Login link in the mobile menu


  • Fixed the issue for Commercial Ingredients
  • Glossary
  • Updated the Icons and Font
  • Added message for editing recipe


  • Prompting error when removing pet parents or pets that are associated with a recipe
  • Changed the total cost to a total of cost multiplied with pounds for each ingredient


  • Sample Recipes for Individual and Professional
  • Saving the order of the ingredients for Generating Reports

Front End Website

  • Adjust the description for each formulator versions
  • Add RAHU Foundation Page
  • Add Change-Log link the top header

Member's Area

  • Adjust amount for the re-activation of the Application if the user was a desktop user.
  • Add Change Logs and Support Link in the Main Menu
  • Allow downloading Ready Made Recipes with multiple PDFs


  • History
    • storing each change done in the recipe
    • list the latest 30 changes and be able to load the stored changes
  • Costing
    • be able to set cost for each ingredient
    • costing reflects on the reports
  • Create an override recipe instruction before downloading the report
  • Add Change Logs and Support Link in the Main Menu
  • Import Old Recipe bug fixes
  • Able to set negative values for the Desired Percentage
  • Show message when downloading excel reports
  • Add the Histidine for the personal ingredients
  • When retrieving recipes that have invalid reproductive status upon retrieval will have an unknown reproductive status value
  • "Save As" function - you will now be able to save the current state of the recipe

Desired Percentage
  • Apply desired percentage to the caloric data
  • View Caloric Data in a wider view
  • View FEDIAF and AFFCO information in the Caloric Data page

Commercial Version
  • Able to purchase the commercial version of Animal Diet Formulator Application
  • Able to upgrade commercial version
  • Change Logs page


  • Report Generation (PDF and Excel)
  • Setting the cost
  • Full Payment for the Upgrade / Disable Renewal / Enable Renewal
  • Purchase for Full Payment
Ingredient Summary
  • Main Categories
  • Ingredients Form
  • Ingredients that are forced to Miscellaneous

ADF Application v 1.9.0

Importing Bug
  • importing with generic recipe (reproductive status error)
  • Can set the Main Categories for Ingredient Summary
  • Pet Photo message adjusted to "Preferred square or horizontal photo."
  • pet weight for generic recipes
  • For Excess Nutrients has tooltip to show more values
  • Adjust button disabled to Nutrients with CA:P, EPA + DHA and omega-6/omega-3
  • Keto Toggle to enable maximums of Fats
  • When Sorting retain the ingredients even though have zero amount
  • Ingredient Summary Page, with sort and Total
  • Amount To Adjust Function bug fix
Website and Member's Area
  • (MA) Glossary adjustment
  • (MA) PDF Article Logo's updated
  • Message in in Recipe Subscription Page