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Ready Made Recipes Ready Made Recipes

It is no secret today that eating fresh, whole, raw foods over processed, packaged foods regularly has many benefits for health by assisting in prevention of a plethora of chronic health issues including obesity and other metabolic diseases that we see all too often in the healthcare profession. Purchase one of our Homemade Pet Recipes for your pet at home or pets at a clinic to start them on a path to wild health.

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Individualized Recipes

The single most important daily decision you can make for the health of your pet is what you put in the food bowl.  Based on the 40 years of groundbreaking work and diet analysis of Steve Brown, Dr. Barbara Royal and Dr. Natasha Lilly have incorporated his unique Animal Diet Formulator (ADF) program into the RAHU education platform. Using the ADF, they have created an approach to provide a balanced, fresh-food diet that unlocks the optimal health potential in your pet.

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How Does It Work?

Our consultation services begin once you submit our request form about the health and diet history of your pet. Using our proprietary software, our team of Animal Diet Formulator (ADF) consultants will create a diet specific and unique to your pet’s needs. Overseen by integrative veterinarians, trained ADF consultants will diligently work to formulate your pet’s diet. From maintenance in health to therapeutic in disease, considering life stage and activity level, the diet will be customized specifically for your pet’s needs.

What Can I Expect?

After you submit your consultation request form, turnaround time is 10-14 business days. We will generate a unique recipe(s) based on the specifications and history provided that will include preparation notes and amounts to feed daily. With your custom recipe(s) we will provide tips and recommendations to home prepare your pet’s meals and ease you into this routine.  We can accommodate mixed source diets that may also partially incorporate a commercially prepared food if needed.

What Will This Cost?

The cost for your individualized recipe is $199. Included in the cost of individualized formulation: after the diet is created we provide 1 hour of consultation and support with an expert Animal Diet Formulator. If you would like a second recipe bundled in with your initial, it is only an additional $75.  Further consultation or diet reformulation is $150 per hour.

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